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Weather Details:

  Seconds since last successful data grab

Station Day: 'Today' begins at  /  of data so far
Temperature: Now:   /   | Trend: Rate:   |  Change: []
Today Min. °C / °F at   |  Max. °C / °F at
Humidity:   | Change: []
Dew Point:   /
Windchill:   /   (NB. relates to 'now' gust value of wind speed)
Heat Index:   /
Humidex:   (Canadian type measure, no units - uses DP instead of Humidity)
Feels Like:  /   | Comfort Text:
  * worked out by script
Pressure: Now:   /   | Trend:
Rate:  /  per hour | Change:
Today Min.  /  at
Today Max.  /  at
Wind: - Now (gust):
Direction:  /  /  | 
Wind: - Ave (10 min)
Direction:  /  /  | 
Beaufort Force   (bft only applies to averages)

Ave. Max. at
Ave. Max. Beaufort Force   * worked out by script
Wind: - Gust Recent Max (10 mins):
Today Max. at

Rain: Last 60 min.  () |  Rate:  ()
Today:  ()
Yesterday:  () |  This Month ()  ()
This Year:  / 
 /   |  Change   * worked out by script
NB, This is the theoretical LOWEST height that cloud COULD form
Above Ground (sensor) Level - any cloud could be higher or
it could be clear !
UV Level Only Available in Cumulus v1.8.4 up
EVT Only Available in Cumulus v1.8.4 up
Solar Radiation Only Available in Cumulus v1.8.4 up

NB. Change: [] is NOT meant to be seen, it's only on this page to show you that inside the brackets there is a "Change since last" arrow if applicable !

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